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What is Carbon?

Carbon is one of the materials used in the automotive industry that will only grow in importance in the future. Designers love it in any form: natural carbon, semi-carbon, carbon film, carbon in interior decoration, in bodywork – this dark material looks luxurious and sporty at the same time. Engineers are no less enthusiastic about carbon fiber, as it guarantees high strength and rigidity with low specific weight. However, the process of making carbon fibre is very labor-intensive and costly. Thus, beautiful and with excellent properties, carbon is a “black diamond” among high-tech materials. Read all about this precious material here.

3 quick facts about carbon

Carbon is light and durable.
Carbon has a unique appearance.
Carbon is made mostly by hand.

What is carbon fiber?

When we talk about carbon fiber in the automotive industry, we are usually talking about carbon fiber reinforced plastic (carbon plastic). It is one of the composite materials that combines the positive properties of its constituent components. Hereinafter for simplicity we will use the term “carbon”.

How and where is carbon used in the automotive industry?

Carbon is an excellent material for the production of automotive components, which need to be strong and lightweight at the same time. This is why carbon is used in space technology as well as in the aerospace, shipbuilding and bicycle industries. In the automotive industry, carbon, like many other materials before it, came into mass production from motorsport. In racing, every kilogram saved is important, and lightweight construction is one of the top priorities when designing a race car.

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Should I buy carbon fiber mirrors for my BMW

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What to buy for BMW: carbon hood or plastic hood

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Best carbon parts for BMW F30

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